iPhone XR Case | 100% Compostable

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Futureproof cases provide all-around protection for your smartphone in a lightweight and thin design that feels great in your hand. Inspired by the zero waste movement, they are 100% compostable and will return to the soil within 3 to 6 months in your backyard or city’s compost. Made from bamboo fiber, wheat straw and compostable plastics, our cases are sturdy and durable during their useful life, but when you move on to a new phone, they will return to the soil leaving no impact on the planet.

iPhone XR Case | 100% Compostable

Customer Reviews

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Protects phone

Great case, love the colour and the fact that it is compostable. Definitely gives your phone protection as I've dropped mine twice since I got it and my phone is totally fine! (Yes I am clumsy)

Trying to be more ethical

I am totally trying to be more ethical about my shopping, and was trying to find a phone case with that ethos in mind. I am more than pleased that I found Futureproof! I've had my case for about 2 weeks, and have dropped my phone many times with no damage!

Very sturdy, pleased with the case

Very sturdy and you can tell that it protects your phone 100%. In the front of the phone, the phone case wraps around the phone. Will be enjoying this phone case for a while.

Better than Otterbox

I was a bit reluctant at first to buy this case because of the price. But you should definitely consider getting it, the increase in price compared to a standard plastic case is really worth it because you feel great buying it since it's biodegradable !
My last case from Otterbox was very sturdy but it made my phone feel so BIG. This is nice and thin and doesn't add unnecessary bulk. Fits the phone perfectly and does not slip off.

Great case

Looks and feels like regular plastic BUT the big difference is this is compostable! Love the look and feel of the case but it is knowing that it wont pollute the earth when I have finished with it that really makes me happy!